SecurePass™ is the future of visitor and contractor management technology. Designed with your health, safety, governance and risk management requirements in mind, SecurePass™ is simple to use and to operate. SecurePass™ has a multitude of features that will support your daily business operations including extensive emergency management capabilities.


Automatic GPS Sign In and Sign Out

SecurePass™ allows approved contractors to sign in and out of your business instantly. Utilising Geo fencing technology, contractors receive a notification prompting them to sign into your business when they entered a set distance around your premises. Your contractor's are then automatically signed out upon leaving the designated area around your premises.

Access to All Information Within Your Business

All businesses subscribed to the SecurePass™ application will receive an Admin account. Your designated personnel will be able to perform many functions including the accessing of all details of the business on the application, customisation of the health and safety instructions, monitoring of contractor and visitor activity, accessing a detailed log of contractor activities and receiving of emergency and alert notifications.


Visitor Photo Identification

SecurePass™ comes with an identification feature to take visitor photos during the sign in process for enhanced security purposes. The photo taken will be printed onto an adhesive ID label and saved in the SecurePass database for future reference.

Due Diligence with Health and Safety and Fire Compliance

To make sure visitors and contractors are aware of the health and safety and fire compliance requirements of your business, they are required to read and accept your company induction, evacuation plan, hazard identification process and to view the hazard register before entering the premises.


Contractor Validation

SecurePass™ ensures that your contractors' insurance and contract is validated during the sign in process. Automated SecurePass™ messaging communicates with your contractors prior to contract or insurance expiry dates to ensure that compliance, security and governance are maintained.

Contractor Verification

Contractors using the SecurePass™ mobile application are required to follow a simple first time contractor registration procedure. During this process, your approved contractors receive GPS sign in and QR code verification with a 4-digit pin code which must be used upon their entry.

Contractor Verification

Verifying Contractor Hours

SecurePass™ supports accurate verification of contractor time and attendance on your property. Detailed information can be accessed by Admin personnel from the SecurePass™ Admin dashboard. Contractor time and attendance can be cross-checked against contractor hours charged at any time with advanced filtering and search capabilities.

Multi-site Management Capability

SecurePass™ provides the capability for managers to simultaneously view multiple sites on a national and regional level. This supporting feature serves as a crucial platform in the case of a nationwide emergency as information is immediately available regarding onsite visitors and contractors on your properties. Emergency alerts can be identified as a green indicator on the SecurePass™ GPS location feature.


Emergency Shake Feature

The SecurePass™ mobile application provides an emergency shake feature. Contractors or staff members can send distress signals to designated company representatives during times of an emergency by shaking their smartphone device.

Heart Rate Monitor

In the case of emergency or distress situations, the SecurePass™ app can be used to monitor signs of life through an innovative BPM reader where heart rate monitoring could save lives and prioritise those in need. Running the heart rate monitor registers the user's current heart rate with the reading being instantly accessible from the SecurePass™ Admin dashboard.


Custom Integration Capability

SecurePass™ supports custom integration capability with the best risk management and time and attendance systems including HealthSafe's Risk Management System platform.

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