Contractor Prequalification

One of a businesses’ most significant risks is the use of contractors who are often engaged to undertake non-core work but which impinges directly on the core operation of the organisation. Therefore, managing contractors effectively and identifying safe contractors is crucial.

The Health and Safety at Work legislation requires PCBU’s to ensure the health and safety of its workers so far as is reasonably practicable. Contractors supporting a business as well as staff and visitors are part of the PCBU commitment. A business must have a thorough process of identifying fully qualified and experienced contractors to undertake the works they are assigned to action.

Contractor Prequalification is the start of a process to review your contractor’s health and safety practices if they are qualified and show a history of managing safety practices required to ensure not only their safety but the safety of those around them.

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You Spoke We Listened

HealthSafe surveyed client feedback in May 2021, and results positioned HealthSafe as the one-stop-shop platform for managing contractors with our SecurePass solution. However, Prequalification was felt to be a missing piece to support clients. While SecurePass was integrated with leading Prequalification systems, there was the issue of too much information requested for certain contractors that were not required - issues around the price for contractors and clients. Some clients even wanted the tools to do their own Prequalification process, which other Prequalification solutions across Australasia do not support.

HealthSafe has employed a team of committed H&S auditors with experience across multiple sectors who can not only assess Prequalification but support with the correct information and documentation needed to improve their safety processes and culture. Thus, providing HealthSafe clients with confidence that their contractors take safety seriously and ensure the safety of themselves and others in the environment or location, they are conducting works.

Client Benefits

  • Option to action your own Prequalification or use HealthSafe
  • HealthSafe introduce only trusted & qualified assessors
  • Significant savings on resources and financially
  • Confidence that competent contractors support your business
  • Integrated to leading Contractor Management solution – SecurePass (logo)
  • Easily validated with SecurePass ID scanner
  • Integrated to SecurePass for instant Policing on arrival to any business site
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Contractor Benefits

  • Contractors are supported through the prequalification process
  • Independent audit of health and safety processes
  • The most cost-effective and thorough Prequalification audits
  • Opportunity to work with some leading New Zealand & Australian businesses
  • Option to save on HealthSafes innovative, dynamic Risk Management System

Contractor Prequalification Pricing

  • Sole traders, no sub-contractors $199 + GST
  • Contractor employing 20 or less than 20 persons, including sub-contractors $299 + GST
  • Contractors employing more than 20 persons and sub contractos $399 + GST
  • Clients less than 50 contractors database $1,995 + GST
  • Clients more than 50 contractors database $2,995+GST
  • Action your own prequal