Fast and Simple Sign In Process

SecurePass™ allows visitors to simply sign in and proceed through the health and safety due diligence process in a few fast and simple steps. Automatic email and SMS notification to the person being visited also occurs upon sign in, complete with photographic identification. Visitor information is logged on the SecurePass™ dashboard along with their sign in and sign out times. The contractor sign in process is just as simple and includes many more advanced features.


SecurePass™ Mobile Application

To fully utilise all that SecurePass™ has to offer, contractors are required to download the HealthSafe SecurePass™ application through the App Store or Google Play and to go through a first time contractor registration procedure. The mobile application offers contractors a variety of features including GPS sign in, Geo fencing automatic sign out, emergency support notifications and innovative BPM heart rate monitoring.

SecurePass™ iPad Sign In

The SecurePass™ iPad sign in application is highly versatile and allows for full customisation to complement your business. Visitors and contractors signing in through the iPad application are required to go through the SecurePass™ sign in procedure which will include your company induction page, building evacuation plan, hazard identification process, hazard register and an optional customised information page.


SecurePass™ Admin Dashboard

Upon subscribing to the HealthSafe SecurePass™ application, you will be provided with an Admin account. This allows you to manage the unique SecurePass™ features and to enter your organisation's customised health and safety content. The unique features that SecurePass™ supports include security, workplace health and safety requirements, staff list and notifications.

The latest innovative SecurePass™ features for visitor and contractor sign in


Visitor Notification

SecurePass™ automatically sends an email and SMS notification to the staff member who the visitor is here to see.


Sign In Labels

Visitors and contractors receive an adhesive ID label after signing in. On the label is a QR code that visitors and contractors can use to scan for a quick and simple sign out.


GPS Sign In

Automated GPS sign in for contractors with the SecurePass™ mobile application.


Contractor Verification

Notifies both the contractor and Admin when a contractors insurance and/or contract expires.


Detailed Log

Keeps a detailed history log of the visitors and contractors entering your property which can be accessed for further analysis.


Organised Documentation

No more messy paper work at your reception desk.



Improve the security of your business and safety of your employees.

Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Distress signal functionality to request support via SMS and email emergency alerts.


GPS Tracking

Accurate GPS tracking identifies the location of visitors, contractors and staff during emergencies.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor signs of life through the innovative BPM reader on the SecurePass™ mobile application during emergency or distress situations.


Health and Safety

Guides visitors and contractors through the health and safety registries of the premises and/or building.



Complement your business from the first impression through customised branding and messaging.

Legislative Compliance

Legislative Compliance

Designed to support your health and safety legislative and governance requirements.

Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

Accurately tracks your contractors via their smartphone devices and provides automatic capture of contractor sign out.

Contractor Time and Attendance Verification

Contractor Time and Attendance Verification

Allows for the cross-checking of contractor hours charged against hours onsite.

Multi-site Management

Multi-site Management

View multiple sites at one time across the national and regional level.

Unauthorised Zone Identification

Unauthorised Zone Identification

Automatic alert notification when contractors or visitors enter a restricted or unauthorised zone.

Emergency Beeper Alerts

Emergency Beeper Alerts

Can be activated from a smartphone to help locate your staff or contractors in an emergency situation.


Contractor Prequal Validation

Approved contractors’ prequal (licences and certificates) are validated during the sign in process.


Online Inductions

Approved contractors can simply complete their inductions online via their smartphone or tablet.


Access Control Interface

SecurePass™ interfaces with leading access control systems to remove the need to issue contractor access cards.


Contractor Permitted Area Work

Automated requests of contractor permits and PPE confirmation prior to starting any works in permitted or high risk areas.

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